Dreaming about grandparents

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Dreaming of grandparents symbolizes all of the encouragement that is instilled in you. You have confidence in yourself and do not need to hear it from other people.
Encouragement and sustenance instilled. Their house: need to regain peace and tranquility in life.
Grass – also see dream dictionary: drugs grass is symbolic of new hope and new beginnings. It is metaphoric of having overcome barrenness.
To dreaam{sic} of meeting your grandparents and conversing with them, you will meet with difficulties that will be hard to surmount, but by following good advice you will overcome many barriers.
Grandparents in a dream are a symbol of protection and security.
Dreaming you speak with your grandparents, suggests you will have success with what you started to dream your grandparents together, means you will have a treat to dream that you hear what your grandma and grandpa say, suggests your profit will draw benefit to someone else.

Meaning for seeing grandparents in your dreams

A dream about grandparents may signify that you’re looking for recognition and approval of your current efforts if your own grandparents have passed away, check to see if this is an astral dream normally, you will receive visits from the other side from one grandparent at a time.
As a general rule grandparents are a symbol of, love, security, love, protection, love, home, and love if you dram of searching for your grandparents you are really searching for love and protection there are no other interpretations for these if you dream of being a grandparent you will have a happy domestic life with minimal problems.