Dreaming about grass

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A dream about grass, especially if you lie down in it, means you are comfortable and happy with who you are.
Grass, being green the color of your heart chakra, is healing for the heart and circulatory system in dreams in addition to being healing it links the dream to your heart and feelings see green for more.
This is a very propitious dream indeed it gives promise of a happy and well advanced life to the tradesman, rapid accumulation of wealth, fame to literary and artistic people, and a safe voyage through the turbulent sea of love is promised to all lovers to see a rugged mountain beyond the green expanse of grass, is momentous of remote trouble if in passing through green grass, you pass withered places, it denotes your sickness or embarrassments in business to be a perfect dream, the grass must be clear of obstruction or blemishes if you dream of withered grass, the reverse is predicted.
Sunburned, neglected or bad grass indicates that you will have to work hard for what you get; green and well tended grass predicts success in all your undertakings to cut or mow grass forecasts sad news; to eat it signifies sensual pleasures; to sow, roll or plant it portends future security against rainy days but no luxury.
Dreaming of green grass signifies good things will happen in your life if you are in business, you may soon be wealthy if you are an artist, you may soon become well known if you are about to marry, you will have a safe, happy life with your partner if the grass is wilted, it means you need to reassess your financial situation.
Green grass always augers success in any enterprise you may select, and dead or burned grass means failure planting grass, and helping it grow, shows you will have great financial gains brought about by your own effort and hard work.

Meaning for seeing grass in your dreams

The smell of cut grass and hearing the sound of lawnmowers usually coincides with the onset of summer this can be a symbol of relaxation and a sense satisfaction all things that are growing share the common symbolism of nurturing, however grass grows abundantly and multiplies quickly as an image of inter related concepts tall grass can show how ideas are free flowing and growing, while manicured grass shows ideas that are being tailored to meet others expectations walking in the grass can symbolize getting more grounded and natural as opposed to dreams about streets, concrete and other man made structures.