Dreaming about grasshopper

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Dreaming of a grasshopper infers the dreamer is unable to settle; that he or she flits from place to place with no real direction. As such, it can also be seen as a sign of freedom.
Dreaming of seeing grasshoppers on green vegetables, denotes that enemies threaten your best interests if on withered grasses, ill health disappointing business will be experienced if you see grasshoppers between you and the sun, it denotes that you will have a vexatious problem in your immediate business life to settle, but using caution it will adjust itself in your favor to call peoples’ attention to the grasshoppers, shows that you are not discreet in dispatching your private business.
Grasshoppers signify there may be confusion and complexities ahead issues hanging in the balance will require very careful handling don’t try to cope alone; get all the competent advice you can muster from friends and associates.
Dreaming that you see a grasshopper, means that you can rely on your friends to dream of a dead locusts, predicts money troubles may be ahead to dream of many grasshoppers, means that you have to prepare for misfortune and trouble to dream that you are capturing locusts, predicts that you are to take revenge on someone.

Meaning for seeing grasshopper in your dreams