Dreaming about graveyard

Dreaming that you are at a graveyard, represents the discarded aspects of yourself. It is also a fear of the unknown. Alternative, it fortells a loss or a period of mourning.
Dreaming on graveyard, if it is full with flowers it means a new business opportunity. If you see someone grave it means you have unfinished business with this person.
Dreams about being in a cemetary means self-renewal and giving up old attitudes or habits.
If you see in your sleep your grave, you will have a long and peaceful life. An open grave, means expect disease and news from a distant person. If covered with soil, the more dust, the greater wealth you will get, or you will find lost items. Digging a grave in your sleep, means having difficulties at work, but also it is a sign of a recent marriage or birth of a new relative. Seeing others digging a grave, you will learn about the death of a loved one, or a relative.
Dreaming that you are at a graveyard represents discarded aspects of yourself certain issues or life situations that have been abandoned or lost you may be experiencing changes in your personality or life you may also be reexamining your past.

Similar dreams:

  • grave
  • ...e to you from obscure quarters. for a woman having a dream that night overtakes her in a graveyard, and she can find no place to sleep but in an open grave, foreshows she will have much sorrow and disappointment
  • cemetery
  • ... been raised in a culture dominated by a materialistic view of life, the image of the graveyard often includes feelings of limited time left to live, of death as a final end, of death as a morbid
  • sleep
  • ...because sleep abates all fears, annihilates them and clams one's distress sleeping in a graveyard in a dream means a sickness sleeping over a grave in a dream means death for a sick person and joblessness

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