Dreaming about grief

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Dreaming of being grief-stricken portends a slight digestive disturbance that may lead to a more serious ailment if not given proper attention.
A dream of contrary; the meaning is the opposite of what you might think you will soon be rejoicing.
Dreaming of sorrow, signifies that you will have joy in reality dreaming of someone who is mourning, indicates that you stand to know good news or that someone will feel sorry for you without a reason.
Grief, in a dream, can be a good thing because it helps you deal with a problem you’re facing in waking life normally, the dreamer is actually suffering from something harsh in both the dream and in real life this can also be a warning dream to get a checkup.

Meaning for seeing grief in your dreams

– to sense grief: does consolation in adversity and rescue from danger.
– None dream explanation in Islam.