Dreaming about ground

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You are being warned against getting drawn into pastimes you can ill afford if your dream featured lying on the ground.
Dreaming that you are on the ground floor, means you will have lasting gains, stability and security dreaming that you see the ground floor, suggests that you will have small achievements.
The ground is symbolic of the foundation of your beliefs what is happening to the ground can personify changes that are taking place to your ‘internal foundation ‘ not being on the ground can be a message to become more grounded walking over an unusual type of ground can symbolize a type of inconsistency in your ideas ground that is giving way can symbolize a shift in perspective, while soggy or water seeping into the ground shows the incorporation of feelings into your perspective see natural disasters.
Ground symbolizes the basics of existence, so it can stand for safety and a sense of reality. – Sitting or lying on the floor, you will probably soon be sick, coincides with a plan on the nose or is brought back roughly to the ground reality. – Sometimes it is even exaggerated respect to the humility for others to light. – If you hold down or stretched, it is feared that one is overwhelmed with responsibilities and worries.

Meaning for seeing ground in your dreams

– a beautifully laid out floor: warns of danger; – a dirty floor: indicates anger, worries and vexations; – see it run: joy and sorrow; – lie: a reminder to pay attention to his health; modest conditions for some time; – lie: stretched out; – sit on it: increasing uncertainty of the situation.
– soon you^ll take a little trip and after a long time to think back on it.
– mossy or green: money, rich marriage; – floored: you will find good company; – to lie, sit or kneel down: you have to face dire events; – looking for something out: you should not take anything around him unnoticed that can take advantage of what could be.