Dreaming about group

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Dreaming of groups can indicate you are to work with groups as a spiritual leader / teacher spiritual teachers empower others rather than taking their problems away from them look for other symbols in the dream that indicate leadership such as a leader, instructor or someone talking with authority.
Dreaming that you are in a group, indicates you need some privacy to dream you see a group, of people, indicates you will expect encounters with relatives and friends.
Dreaming of a group can have two meanings how do you feel toward this group? Are you included? It may be that you’re feeling left out in your personal relationships if you long to be part of this group if the group annoys you, it means you resent having to join or follow the pack.
A dream where there is a group of people implies that you are focusing on collective thinking and working within a team towards a common goal it can also highlight the communal activities in your life.

Meaning for seeing group in your dreams

Dreaming of being with a group of people shows how there are different parts of us that must gain consensus when we are exploring a new direction at times these other characters challenge us to explore what we are doing before making a change at other times, these characters can represent our needs in some way helping us to recognize their importance through the symbolism if the group is more like a crowd the dream can be exploring how you are following others and not taking the authentic path see also people and crowd.