Dreaming about guard

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A guard or guarding something indicates you are protective in some way, and the dream is asking you to let go of this security the specific security mechanism is usually referred to in the same dream for example if a security guard is trying to impress a group, it means that your security blanket is to aim to impress with your gift this is not the way to approach the subject matter of the dream be comfortable within yourself regardless of how others perceive you.
If you observed something being protected by guards in your dream, it portends a loss through carelessness or theft, so be sure your insurance is in order to dream of being on guard predicts a rise in income.
Seeing a guard in your dream may signify that something you deem valuable is being kept away from you what is it that isn’t within your grasp? Does it have to do with emotions or with a valuable object? Most likely, the thing you crave most is affection or love from a person close to you.
Work on safety.

Meaning for seeing guard in your dreams

Which part of me requires protection?
– Like police and soldier interpreted: between reminders to order and penchant for indiscipline also signaled well-meaning sponsors, new business acquaintances and a trip to the south; – Fit see: applies to upcoming obstacles; – To stand for: indicates useless time; – To see arm themselves : announces security; – Vigilant against a threat: a warning to refrain against defamation, which could lead one into a difficult situation.
– To see: one wants to humiliate you, keep your possessions in order; – To see pull on: you^ll find obstacles; – To see competing with rifle: security; – Summon: Do you enjoy confidence; – You are detained : safe, quiet work; – To stand for: inconvenience. – To see: boring thoughts are bothering you; – Self-standing: coercion will captivate you; – To be locked one of them: you^re in for an unexpected separation. Please, see meaning of bodyguard, police, soldier, guardian.