Dreaming about guardian

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Dreaming of a guardian, denotes you will be treated with consideration by your friends for a young woman to dream that she is being unkindly dealt with by her guardian, foretells that she will have loss and trouble in the future.
You could be worried by financial problems connected with a friend if you dreamed of being made the legal guardian of another person.
If you dream that you are a guardian, someone will suffer from your kindness if another is a guardian and you talk to him, expect risks.
– To look: the friends are a treat ruthlessly. – Dreaming a young woman, her guardian treat them unkindly, they must anticipate future losses and worries.

Meaning for seeing guardian in your dreams

– To be: caught in a complicated situation; – To see: not mingle in the affairs of others; – Will: you have to have more sense of duty.