Dreaming about guitar

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Dreaming of any musical instrument indicates a need for peace, creativity, and harmony in our lives.
A guitar, like any musical instrument, symbolizes that you are a channel / medium you can communicate with spirits.
Dreaming that you have a guitar, or is playing one in a dream, signifies a merry gathering and serious love making for a young woman to think it is unstrung or broken, foretells that disappointments in love are sure to overtake her upon hearing the weird music of a guitar, the dreamer should fortify herself against flattery and soft persuasion, for she is in danger of being tempted by a fascinating evil if the dreamer be a man, he will be courted, and will be likely to lose his judgment under the wiles of seductive women if you play on a guitar, your family affairs will be harmonious.
If you’re playing the guitar backwards, no matter how badly, you are at the peak of a lucky streak that you’d be wise to exploit.

Meaning for seeing guitar in your dreams

If you dream of playing the guitar, means that you will have a happy and harmonious life if you buy a guitar in your dreams, means you are to leave for somewhere.