Dreaming about gun

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May mean that you feel pressured by a male person in your life. It can also represent anxiety and the need for protection.
Self with gun: ready to assert one’s will over the subject. Gun threatening you: others wishing to assert their will over you. You are encouraged to take action about something and not remain complacent.
Symbol of aggression, anger, power and protection if the gun fires properly, the dream suggests feelings of power and confidence if the gun will not fire, or if the bullets are ineffective, feelings of powerlessness are represented if the dreamer is attacking another with a gun, he or she should be alerted to hostile or angry feelings towards the persons attacked being shot at indicates an emotional attack in waking life   dreams of being surrounded by people who carry guns can reflect feelings that one is involved with a”Dangerous crowd” dreams of guns should not be interpreted as precognitive related dreams carrying a gun! Guns related dream symbols attacked shot.
Violence aggression threat danger ahead this is a dream of distress hearing the sound of a gun, denotes loss of employment, and bad management to proprietors of establishments if you shoot a person with a gun, you will fall into dishonor if you are shot, you will be annoyed by evil persons, and perhaps suffer an acute illness for a woman to dream of shooting, forecasts for her a quarreling and disagreeable reputation connected with sensations for a married woman, unhappiness through other women.
Violence aggression threat danger ahead.
A gun in your possession can symbolize protection, but it is also a phallic symbol and a sign of aggression if you shoot yourself, the act is what’s important, not the gun .

Meaning for seeing gun in your dreams

A gun in your possession can symbolize protection, but it is also a phallic symbol and a sign of aggressive male behavior if you shoot yourself, the act is what´s important, not the gun .
A dream with a gun can imply you are experiencing feelings of aggression or are looking for power in some part of your life it can also suggest that you are under pressure or feeling threatened in some part of your life.
The gun often appears in dreams when sexual feelings are leading to difficulty and pain to dream of someone threatening you with a gun can embody the threat posed by these feelings if you see guns buried under a house, you may not be giving free reign to your sexuality guns can also personify defense mechanisms at play if you are looking for a gun, you may be exploring the root of feeling like you are sabatoging your relationships see weapons and utensils.