Dreaming about hallway

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Often represents spiritual growth and learning. They can also mean the dreamer has untapped psychic abilities. A dream of walking through a long hallway or corridor can also represent your frustration in trying to escape a repetitive situation.
The front door of a house represents your vagina the front door to the body by which someone can exit the hallway, being just behind the front door, represents the womb for example, being chased down a hallway by a woman with a scissors indicates your mother considered abortion while pregnant with you.
If you dream that you walk in a hallway, your famed persistence and perseverance will produce better results seeing dark hallways in your dreams, speaks of your confusion and fear dreaming of a clean and bright hallway, means that you have adventures ahead running in hallways in your dream, means that you’ll have health problems with your stomach and intestines to dream of a dark and dirty hallway, suggests that you may have bad accidents and troubles if you see a hallway in your dreams, tribulations may be ahead and you may have problems and complications in the workplace.
A hallway can signify many things, but it usually refers to the many choices (of doorways) along your path if a hallway is empty, without doorways, it means that you feel your path was chosen for you if the doorways are open along the way, it means that you haven’t yet found your way& 8212;but you will.

Meaning for seeing hallway in your dreams

A dream with a hallway may suggest that you are exploring new areas of your life or moving into unknown territory.
Buildings and houses represent our inner architecture buildings are associated with work issues, while the house relates to personal issues or the various sides of the psyche the different rooms will represent different aspects and the hall is the transitional space that joins them when we dream of being in a hallway, we are opening to opportunities, exploring potential and the idea of making a change see also houses and buildings and corridor.