Dreaming about handbag

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A handbag indicates responsibility when you take it with you, attention is given to holding it, keeping an eye on it or knowing where it is at all times.
The significance depends on what happened in your dream if you lost your handbag, it is an obstacle dream, and the outcome of your problem depends on whether you found your bag finding a handbag predicts gain if the bag was empty, loss if it was full a dream that featured you or someone else opening and rummaging through a handbag forecasts the opening of new doors in your life buying a handbag predicts moderate gains.
If you see a bag in your dream, you have a secret hope if you find a bag, you will be noticed, and will be manifested men’s bag in your sleep is a sign that you have financial problems, related to material possessions seeing in your dream a school bag, means you will have good prospects that you are missing due to inattention seeing in your dream a handbag, means you are to deal with intrigue if you wear a bag in your dream, you will have obligations or cares losing a bag in your dream, means you’ll be shamed.
If you dream of a handbag, it indicates that you’re trying to work out day to day problems you’re concerned with the details& 8212;appointments, bills you have to pay, and so on a lost handbag alludes to confusion over sexual issues.

Meaning for seeing handbag in your dreams

The handbag or purse combines the idea of identity with what you hold to be valuable, and therefore protect it is common to lose or misplace your purse when your identity or self awareness is going through a transition consider where you lost your handbag for information about where you are placing your priorities this is a very personal symbol that reveals who you really are and what you ‘carry with you’ daily losing the purse can also coincide with financial insecurity when you are exploring change in career pursuits see purses, wallets, luggage, jewels and keys.