Dreaming about happiness

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After a dream in which you get the impression of happiness, you are advised to take particular care not to do anything that may impair your health. A dream of happy children is a pleasant augury.
The meaning of this dream is similar to that of fun and depends on the quality of the sensation a normal degree of happiness is a good omen; an excess of it is not.
Dreaming you are happy, means that upon wakening you may have disappointment and misery to dream that someone else is happy will make your desires come true.
If you are currently experiencing sadness this dream may be an attempt to compensate and to comfort you traditionally this may be called a dream of the contrary extreme happiness in a dream calls for an evaluation of daily reality in an attempt to identify those things that are difficult and painful, (i e things that make you feel the opposite of happy) dreaming of happy children is said to be a good omen.