Dreaming about happiness

After a dream in which you get the impression of happiness, you are advised to take particular care not to do anything that may impair your health. A dream of happy children is a pleasant augury.
The meaning of this dream is similar to that of fun and depends on the quality of the sensation. A normal degree of happiness is a good omen; an excess of it is not.
Dreaming you are happy, might predict upon wakening you may have disappointment and misery. dreaming that someone else is happy will make your desires come true.
(elation; excitement; joy) in general, happiness in a dream means sorrow to be happy about something which the heart does not feel comfortable with, or which the heart does not qualify as correct conduct or behavior in a dream means sadness and sorrow in wakefulness happiness in a dream also means being indifferent about following god's commands if one's happiness in his dream is derived from the release of a prisoner or the recovery of a sick person, then it means positive changes in one's life ifone is told something that is supposed to make him happy, when in fact it made him sad in the dream, such as being told in a dream that so and so hasjust arrived from a longjourney, when in fact such person has just died, it might mean that his sadness will be dispelled and his sorrows removed feeling happy in a dream means sadness, sorrow, or crying ifone sees his friends happy in a dream, then it means happiness for him too.

Similar dreams:

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