Dreaming about harem

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Dreaming that you maintain a harem, denotes that you are wasting your best energies on low pleasures life holds fair promises, if your desires are rightly directed if a woman dreams that she is an inmate of a harem, she will seek pleasure where pleasure is unlawful, as her desires will be toward married men as a rule if she dreams that she is a favorite of a harem, she will be preferred before others in material pleasures, but the distinction will be fleeting.
Whether you are a woman and dreamed of being in one, or a man and dreamed of keeping one, the symbol is a straightforward one of busy times ahead with the opposite sex don’t overdo it.
Dreaming of being in a harem can mean two things: either you long to be more open sexually or you may suspect your partner is being unfaithful to see a harem may signify that you’re now open to try more creative things in life.