Dreaming about harp

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To hear the sad sweet strains of a harp, denotes the sad ending to what seems a pleasing and profitable enterprise to see a broken harp, betokens illness, or broken troth between lovers to play a harp yourself, signifies that your nature is too trusting, and you should be more careful in placing your confidence as well as love matters.
Any dream that includes pleasant musical sounds is favorable however, if a string broke or there was a sudden discord or stoppage, it signifies that you will have to demonstrate your ability to ride out a period of difficult times.
Dreaming you see a harp, suggests something is your problem to dream of a broken harp, means you are worsening health or there is misunderstanding between the lovers to dream of playing the harp, means you should not trust someone too familiar to you if you dream of a girl playing the harp, suggests that in reality means you do not make adequate health care and you need to change that.