Dreaming about hash

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Dreaming you are eating hash, many sorrows and vexations are foretold you will probably be troubled with various little jealousies and contentions over mere trifles, and your health will be menaced through worry for a woman to dream that she cooks hash, denotes that she will be jealous of her husband, and children will be a stumbling block to her wantonness.
This mixed dish in a dream represents confusion, puzzles or mysteries, and its meaning depends on what happened in the dream if you merely observed the hash, you could soon face a puzzling situation that will require your utmost tact and patience to sort out if you made the hash, you could experience minor troubles precipitated by your own hasty action in some matter on which you would be wise to backtrack if you ate the hash, it signifies a confusing mystery that will be vexing for a time, but will eventually be solved in a most surprising manner.
Dreaming of hash, predicts that you will have trouble at work, problems with authorities or superiors will cause disputes, worsening the situation.