Dreaming about hat

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The harp is said to be the musical instrument of angels. Thus, when present in a dream it is informing the dreamer that they are either in harmony with their existence or not. The accompanying emotion will provide the dreamer the correct interpretation.
Thoughts and attitudes revealed to dream of losing your hat, you may expect unsatisfactory business and failure of persons to keep important engagements for a man to dream that he wears a new hat, predicts change of place and business, which will be very much to his advantage for a woman to dream that she wears a fine new hat, denotes the attainment of wealth, and she will be the object of much admiration for the wind to blow your hat off, denotes sudden changes in affairs, and somewhat for the worse.
Thoughts and attitudes revealed.
The significance here depends on the other details of the dream, which should also be considered for an accurate interpretation as a general guide: a new hat is a sign of good luck a hat that was too small for you predicts a disappointment a hat too large for you signifies an embarrassment tipping your hat or holding it in your hand forecasts a humiliation losing your hat or having it blow away indicates money trouble an old, shabby or soiled hat portends business irritations a silk top hat predicts a rise in status a cotton hat is a caution against a calculating friend an elaborate hat suggests social popularity.
A hat can suggest concealment, as in keep it under your hat dreaming that you have a.
A hat covers the head and can suggest that the person wearing it is concealing something, as in”Keep it under your hat” dreaming that you have a feather in your hat indicates achievement.

Meaning for seeing hat in your dreams

Of all clothing symbols, the hat relates more to what you do to be acknowledged since it covers the head and therefore, the thoughts, the hat can signify how you express yourself or what you are known for the type of hat can describe an area of thought: Baker’s hat : nourishment and fulfillment; Police hat : discipline and abiding by the rules or conscience, Fire hat : how your thinking can get you into trouble or how you hide your feelings by ‘dowsing’ them, or Helmet : protective or aggressive tendencies wearing a strange hat can portray how you are moving out of your comfort zone to express yourself differently.