Dreaming about hatchet

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A hatchet seen in a dream, denotes that wanton wastefulness will expose you to the evil designs of envious persons if it is rusty or broken, you will have grief over wayward people.
You could go through a period of disturbing domestic and/or business predicaments if your dream involved using a hatchet to chop anything but if the hatchet was used to split kindling wood, it forecasts a reconciliation, and to sharpen a hatchet signifies an increased income.
Hatchet has a similar meaning as the ax, it can warn against all harm through their own destructive energies and actions, but also announce success through hard work. Old dream books understand the hatchet occasionally as an indication that one has to part with certain hopes, anyway the only drawbacks were brought about, especially if you keep it in your hand. A hatchet lying can also bring recognition.
– to see hatchet in a dream is a sign of impending danger, sorrow or grief; shameless waste will expose the insidious plans of envious people; – to grind a hatchet or see grind: indicates strife and contention; – work with one: good progress; – see others working with a hatchet: recommends that close too fast friendship; – rusty or broken: wayward people will make this sorrow.

Meaning for seeing hatchet in your dreams

– hatchet in a dream means you would have had nothing but trouble.
– See or have in your hand: be careful, you are in danger of all places.