Dreaming about hearse

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Dreaming of a hearse, denotes uncongenial relations in the home, and failure to carry on business in a satisfactory manner it also betokens the death of one near to you, or sickness and sorrow if a hearse crosses your path, you will have a bitter enemy to overcome.
If you only saw the hearse in your dream, it predicts a lightening of your burdens; if you rode with the driver (or were the driver), the dream indicates an increase in responsibilities if you were inside the hearse, you could soon make a change that will be important to your future.
Dreaming of a hearse, means you get uncomfortable or a negative message.
If you dream of seeing a hearse, it may indicate that you sense some financial problems ahead if you dream of riding in a hearse, it signifies that you’re saying goodbye to a certain part of yourself be ready for new things to come.

Meaning for seeing hearse in your dreams