Dreaming about heat

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Heat in dreams can be healing if it refers to a sunny day, the heat of the sun or a hot country in a positive way.
Intense emotions stress situation that needs to be cool off to dream that you are oppressed by heat, denotes failure to carry out designs on account of some friend betraying you heat is not a very favorable dream.
Intense emotions stress situation that needs to be cool off.
A dream of heat on your face has the same meaning as blush, but a dream of suffering from heat is a warning to keep a strong control on your passion and/or temper if you want to avoid getting into an awkward situation.
Dreaming of warmth, means you will have protection and peace alternatively to dream of heat on your face, suggests that someone may be evil to you to dream that you are too warm, indicates that you need to control your desires and that you have dissatisfaction in daily life.
Heat is an expression of well-being.

Meaning for seeing heat in your dreams

Heat can represent happiness and a sense of hope. If the dreamer dreams that certain temperatures clearly perceives, this may have simple causes, such as fever, illness, overwork or cold or superheated bedrooms. The heat is also a symbol of sympathy and affection, warmth and passion. Decreasing heat has a dream to go to extender feelings. Heat is a sign of passion and desire. It may also be that the dreamer feels the heat as unpleasant. Then this means that he has trouble with the violence of his feelings.
A sensation of heat in the dream symbolizes sometimes what a person wants most: unconditional love.
– There isn^t any interpretation of dream in Christianity.