Dreaming about helicopter

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A helicopter symbolizes your heart for several reasons firstly, the beating sound is symbolic of the beating sound of your heart secondly the propeller rotating, like any circular movement in dreams, is symbolic of your circulatory system lastly, people who ignore their heart must live from their head and are logical in almost all aspects of their lives the lofty position of the helicopter indicates your center of consciousness is up in your head the dream asks you to move it downward.
Zooming through dreamland aboard a chopper suggests that you’re living beyond your means on the other hand, the sight of a helicopter in the skies is a promising sign of fulfilled ambition if you find yourself physically threatened by the whirring blades, you could be in desperate need of a solution to intense personal strife.
Dreaming that you see a helicopter, suggests that your success will come only when you have concentrated on one single area and not wasted your efforts in different directions.
A dream featuring a helicopter suggests that you are experiencing some change in consciousness or awareness, experiencing greater freedom or are embracing or welcoming change into your life alternatively, the dream can represent your ambition, endeavors, or achievements