Dreaming about hen

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Hermit to dream of a hermit infers the dreamer has difficulty in social situations. This may often manifest in the form of social anxiety. However, in other instances the hermit in a dream can denote that the dreamer wishes to detach and withdraw from society. Additional dream interpretation… A hermit can also signify loneliness.
Dreaming of hens, denotes pleasant family reunions with added members see chickens.
A black hen signifies sad news; a white one foretells glad news a brown one promises money luck, and a fat one prophesies gain a lean hen augurs mediocrity, a clucking one promises exciting gossip, and a pecking hen means you may have to back up and start again a laying hen indicates prosperity; killing a hen forecasts ups and downs; and plucking one warns of an unexpected demand on your finances.
Dreaming of a hen, means you will do good to dream the hen is white or black, indicates you are jealous.

Meaning for seeing hen in your dreams