Dreaming about hermit

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Dreaming of a hermit, denotes sadness and loneliness caused by the unfaithfulness of friends if you are a hermit yourself, you will pursue researches into intricate subjects, and will take great interest in the discussions of the hour to find yourself in the abode of a hermit, denotes unselfishness toward enemies and friends alike.
If you dreamed of seeing one, you are being reminded that nothing ventured may lead you not only to nothing gained, but also to boring stagnation; be a little adventuresome on the other hand, if you dreamed of being a hermit, you can expect to have ups and downs but eventual peace of mind.
Dreaming you were a hermit, suggests you need more confidence, insistence and power to dream that someone is a hermit, means you must postpone for several days travel commitments or important meetings.
Dreaming of a hermit is a sign that you need to be patient and wait for things to right themselves now is not the time to take action it also means that you enjoy the time that you spend alone.

Meaning for seeing hermit in your dreams