Dreaming about heteroptera

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Bugs indicate discontent and worry, because as well as concerns they cause sleepless nights. They also call inconvenience and dissatisfaction with family members, mostly with women with . A man dreamed that he found in his chiton (Latin tunica, a short-sleeved shirt made of linen cloth was worn by both men and women), many major bugs are disgusted about to bring it with the best intentions but he is not ready to shake it off. The next day he came to my attention that his wife exaggerating adultery, he was indignant, but he could not take away from any obstacle about her. The chiton meant to be wrapped around his wife, the bugs, the shame. But because he could not eliminate the vermin, he succeeded even with the best will to separate from his wife.
In a dream to see bugs: threaten clashes with the family. Maybe the dreamer will also get rid of a troublesome person he does not want to hurt and offend. If you bothered by crawling bugs, you will be the acquaintance more intrusive people make. If the bed is full of bugs, a tormenting particular problem that you can not clean up.
– Almost always affects the nervous system and brain, suggest a very intrusive society; Whole families are suffering from the negligence of the staff, and it is even threatening disease; – See creep: you will have disputes of all kinds; disgusting complications; – By a stung or bitten: wealth, is tough to keep off are rewarded; also: one is the harassment of other can not go out of the way.
– To have: great controversy; – See: you will get a good deal.

Meaning for seeing heteroptera in your dreams

– To browse or be stung by them, must be prepared for various nuisances; – Kill: get rid of energetic way of his tormentors.