Dreaming about highway

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A highway, being a main arterial road (pun on artery), symbolizes your heart, circulatory system and emotions.
Dreaming of a busy highway is an obstacle dream and indicates an increase in present difficulties however, if you crossed it, the omen is that things will get worse only before they get better, and the worries will suddenly disappear.
Dreaming you travel and see a highway, indicates you will have greater opportunities for expression and careers.
Travel; way to freedom; movement.

Meaning for seeing highway in your dreams

Where in my life I have freedom of movement?
On the highway we proceed quickly and easily, unless there is a traffic jam that references been blocked vital energy. At the same time, the broad highway of the collective path that usually leads quickly to the target, without being particularly interesting and environmentally. Also a symbol of constant traveling, frequent drivers, truck drivers, the homeless, the concrete as a substitute home.