Dreaming about hiker hiking

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Hiking (Wanderer) indicated generally to changes in their future lives, can bring the change but also dangers. The following circumstances may help in the interpretation: – Leisurely hike promises that progress is slow but sure. – Tired, exhausted, or wander slowly announces major efforts. – Uphill or downhill hike suggests you like mountain. – Backpack has wear while hiking down to stress that one must assume. – Look like the poor hiker announces disappointments and failures. – Pilgrim prompts you to humility and trust in senior management.
The movement in nature has a great recreational value, which will be alluded with this dream symbol. When walking the dream symbol meaning largely depends in which country you are moving, and if you walk alone or in a group. If you walk in the mountains, it is pointed out that a certain amount of physical exertion for recreation is necessary. If you walk by the sea, are the wide view and the feeling of freedom in the foreground. If you walk alone, you want to free yourself from all social obligations and to experience themselves. If you walk in a group, it is very important that there is humor in this group. Also, If you hiking through the dream landscape,in his own life he has the desire, move forward step by step, and exaggerate everything. Is the way difficult, carries a backpack of the hiker (qv) or he seems to be too much, he can reach the goal only with great difficulty.
– Also pilgrims: you should not let influence by existing difficulties; there are detours to get to your destination; – Or may be on the move: change of residence; – Even migrate: bring restless and varied daily; – Hiking through a landscape: sadness will oppress one, the physical environment but leaves nothing to be desired; – A happy face: bringing relaxation and enjoyment; – A lone hit horses is a sign of a new friend; – A poor deal: brings promise that one can reach its destination in other ways; – A young woman prophesied this a comfortable home, but early loss of her husband or lover..
– To see: you will leave the place of your stay soon; – To do yourself: you have come through my own fault in need; – Pilgrimage: to find the same: you will too much thinking; – Hiker: you will soon leave your house.

Meaning for seeing hiker hiking in your dreams

– To see: soon you have to go on a trip; – To be a hiker: your company will succeed.