Dreaming about hill

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Dreaming of climbing a hill augurs some small success. Standing or sitting on the top is a sign of an established income and contentment.
Below it: more energy needed in a situation to get a resolution. On top of it: achieved objective; feeling satisfied. Time to make new plans.
Hills can symbolize a number of things but are usually about the difficulty of your journey in life climbing a steep hill, especially if it is rocky, indicates that you feel life is an uphill struggle it also means you are on the karmic path.
If you climb a hill in your dream, you will achieve success in operations and you will enjoy success.
If you dream of going up a hill, it’s your unconscious telling you that you need to strive for more in life and love if you dream of going down a hill, it may be that you’re afraid of financial setbacks soon to come.
In the traditional interpretation of dreams, it is assumed that a hill brings the dreamer with the needs of his very early childhood and in conjunction with the well-being, which gave him the mother^s breast.

Meaning for seeing hill in your dreams

On an emotional level, the needs of the man to take long for comfort food and his life. However, it must come with its dependence on these areas to the pure feminine. Dreams where hills play a role, it can be helpful.
A hill symbolizes mother earth or the entrance to the underworld.
– to dream climb and reach the hill: the obstacles to be overcome.