Dreaming about hive

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Dreaming of a hive is assign that much work needs to be done in some area of the dreamer? S life and that if that work is accomplished the end product will be well worth the effort. It also can suggest that the dreamer needs to be more aware of being part of a team.
A beehive is a symbol of prosperity and freedom from worry however, if you upset the hive or let the bees out, it signifies troubles of your own making, which will only become serious if you allow them to.
Swarm of bees is usually interpreted to mean that attractive has to other people has (is swarmed by them), young girls see this symbol frequently in her dreams.
Positive sign for the role one plays in society. It should also indicate little sexual pleasure.

Meaning for seeing hive in your dreams

– to see hive in a dream: fixing a love relationship, prosperity in the family; – be swarmed: you will see a lot of fun.
– None dream explanation in Islam.