Dreaming about holiday

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Dreams of holidays can be solely about the dreamer? S needs for relaxation and time for themselves. However, it can also suggest there is a need to look at oneself in a new light; to look further than the normal and discover new insights.
A holiday or holiday scene is a request to relax or take a rest it can be triggered by overworking or getting stressed over an issue for example, to dream of holidaying in spain would indicate you need to rest and allow your body to rejuvenate (sunny country).
Dreaming of a holiday, foretells interesting strangers will soon partake of your hospitality for a young woman to dream that she is displeased with a holiday, denotes she will be fearful of her own attractions in winning a friend back from a rival.
If you dreamed of a holiday, you will have to work hard, but your efforts will be productive.

Meaning for seeing holiday in your dreams

Dreaming that you are on holiday, shows that you can expect a happy occasion, interesting events, as well as friends and family helping you to create useful contacts.
Dreaming of a holiday is usually a wish fulfillment dream perhaps things have been a bit boring lately or a little too hectic this is the way your unconscious has of saying you need to take a break.