Dreaming about home

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If you dream that you cannot find your way home, you have lost faith and belief in yourself. This dream may also signify a major transition in your life. To see your home in your dream signifies security, basic needs, and values. You may finally be feeling settled and comfortable in a new environment.
A house in a dream is a reflection of the self if you find yourself moving back into an old home and you’re not happy about it, it’s a sure sign that you feel as if you are headed backwards in your waking life or career upper floors and rooftops symbolize higher functions, such as consciousness, thinking, and spiritual perspective basements and cellars represent subconscious feelings and awarenesses large houses with many rooms may be metaphors for extended family lines mansions in dreams are often representations of wealth and money discovering new rooms in a house typically a pleasant dream reflects the rediscovery of”Lost” aspects of the self this dream is common in women who have sacrificed personal hobbies and passions (painting, music, desires to own a small business) for the responsibilities of parenting it’s time to reconnect with your passion! related dreams dream house broken home open house.
Dreaming of your home when the room is not specified indicates a family influence in dreams about your physical body, specific rooms represent specific parts of your body see house or lookup the specific room for more.
Center of being spiritual self shelter basic need fulfilled happiness within the family to dream of visiting your old home, you will have good news to rejoice over to see your old home in a dilapidated state, warns you of the sickness or death of a relative for a young woman this is a dream of sorrow she will lose a dear friend to go home and find everything cheery and comfortable, denotes harmony in the present home life and satisfactory results in business see abode.
Center of being spiritual self shelter basic need fulfilled happiness within the family.
If your dream featured a general atmosphere of home life, it predicts small satisfactions and an adjustment to whatever your circumstances might be.
Dreaming of your home, means you have security, basic needs and values to dream that you feel at home, suggests a new job or a new environment to dream that you see the house in which you grew up, suggests your desire to build your own family.
Dreaming of a home usually points to how the dreamer feels about herself at the time of the dream it can also refer to family life was the home cozy or a mess? Did you feel good in it? Who was there?

Meaning for seeing home in your dreams

(family) if you dream of visiting your old family home you will hear some very good news if the home itself, is in a dilapidated condition and general neglect, this then is an omen that you will soon hear of the death of a close relative or a very dear friend if you go home and find everything much the same as it was and you feel and express joy in the dream you will find love and joy in your present home.
Dreaming of a home from childhood can represent ideas that were adopted at that point in your life dreaming of your home with rooms that do not exist in real life can be a way of exploring unknown potential described by the other symbolism in the rooms going home in a dream is a way of exploring your inner foundation and seeking to be centered see also houses and buildings.