Dreaming about homosexuality

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Dreaming of being homosexual rarely has to do with your sexuality, unless this is a particular concern for you more likely, it has to do with an emotional part of you that you’ve recently discovered.
Sex in many different forms is frequently the topic of dreams sexual dreams don´t always have sexual meaning they are at times about power, control, identity and other non sexual issues of life if you are homosexual, dreams regarding this particular sexual orientation are not atypical they are simply the extension of your thoughts and feelings in the form that is the most familiar and meaningful to you if a heterosexual person is having a homosexual dream, it may have a variety of connotations the interpretation of this dream, as with all others, is very personal and generalizations are difficult to make this dream may be about loving yourself, especially if the other individual in your dream is a stranger the dream may be about integrating ideas and attitudes, and in a few, rare cases may be about sexual orientation sexual dreams are wish fulfilling, compensatory, or non sexual, but rather are about issues mentioned above.
A very common dream, yet often misunderstood, is dreaming of performing sexual acts with the same gender especially in the work setting, dreaming of connecting with others in an intimate way can symbolize how you are exploring and integrating the attributes or behavior of another in a competitive situation, ‘mounting’ can be a symbol of your feelings about becoming more dominant or being dominated in the work environment being intimate with the same sex is a way of ‘incorporating’ the deeper aspects of either the feminine (sensitive/intuitive) or masculine (assertive/empowered) nature this type of dream can also be exploring your hunger or lack of affection from either your mother or father and how you are transforming the role modeling that you adopted see people, affair and anima/animus.