Dreaming about honey

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When a person dreams of honey it infers they may soon prosper in some way. If the dreamer is eating honey it can denote that they are in need of affording themself some kind of pleasure; that they have deprived themself too long.
Dreaming that you see honey, you will be possessed of considerable wealth to see strained honey, denotes wealth and ease, but there will be an undercurrent in your life of unlawful gratification of material desires to dream of eating honey, foretells that you will attain wealth and love to lovers, this indicates a swift rush into marital joys.
Most ancient as well as modern sources agree that this is an unusually favorable dream predicting domestic, social and temporal sweetness, which is as lucky as anyone can get.
Dreaming that you eat honey, foretells that you may have anguish, grief and health problem dreaming that you buy honey, means you must work on you demure in intimate relationships, not attach yourself to debauchery to dream that you eat honey, suggests that you will have great material wealth or you are to recover from severe illness.
Sweet experiences and good health are in your subconscious and most likely in your life.
Associated with the ‘birds and bees,’ honey can symbolize the ‘sticky, but sweet’ nature of sexuality honey is also a symbol of reward for embarking in a new direction see also cream.

Meaning for seeing honey in your dreams

– This symbol doesn^t have any explanation in Christian culture.
– honey in a dream means success and profit.