Dreaming about horn

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Dreaming that you hear the sound of a horn, foretells hasty news of a joyful character to see a broken horn, denotes death or accident to see children playing with horns, denotes congeniality in the home for a woman to dream of blowing a horn, foretells that she is more anxious for marriage than her lover.
The sound of a horn heard in your dream signifies good news; if you blew a horn, you can expect increased social activity an automobile horn is a warning against taking risks.
Dreaming of the sound of a horn, predicts that you will receive worrying news to dream that you see a horn, means that you will obtain things by force or authority dreaming that you see an animal with a big horn, means that someone will try to stop you to dream that you see someone with horns, means that your opponent will be wise to your goals dreaming that you have horns, suggests that you will respect and appreciate something or that you get a title or rank.