Dreaming about hot

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Dreaming that you are hot signifies passion and emotion. You may _have the hots_ for someone. It may also reflect a situation that is potentially dangerous.
To sense something or someone as being hot in a dream implies we have extreme emotions toward them/it. This can be in the form of anger to love. The main point is that the passion we feel has a reason and note should be taken of who/what we direct this at and why.
Dreaming of sweltering heat, means you need to control your hot temper and show composure, restraint and understanding to dream you are hot, means to take care of your health to dream you feel heat on your face, suggest you will overcome a difficult situation to dream of eating something hot, means you suffer a loss and you are bitter.
The atmosphere of a dream portrays the condition of your inner landscape to dream of being hot can suggest being angry or being filled with uncontrollable passion at the same time, you can enter into a situation in a dream that feels unbearably hot as a representation of perhaps feeling like you are in ‘hot water’ or doing something out of the norm where dreaming of the cold or snow can symbolize being isolated or reserved a hot landscape shows free movement in the area of passion see also fire.

Meaning for seeing hot in your dreams