Dreaming about hurry

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The end of a situation danger of an accident doomed for disappointment.
The end of a situation danger of an accident doomed for disappointment.
The meaning of the dream depends on the reason for the hurry if it was purely on your own account, the dream predicts personal worries if the hurry was for someone else’s sake, you can expect a pleasant upturn in your affairs.
Dreaming that you hurry, suggests that you should not let anyone persuade or pressure you, you must follow your feelings.
When you^re in a dream in a hurry, so it indicates that one has to contend with pressure from outside. Is the dreamer himself in a hurry, he is also preparing to print. It is rushed, but, strangely, the rushing is never the goal. It is as if the unconscious would slow us down by saying: make haste slowly. Slowly one comes just ahead also. Haste can show up in different ways in the dreams. She often refers to anxiety, uncertainty and nervousness. Under certain circumstances, but it also encompasses the admonition to think more before you act so you do not do the second step before the first and it backfires. Other meanings can be derived from the following circumstances of the dream: – hastily can walk to the train announce that we must hurry and make an effort to still achieve the desired success, the train despite the ropes in front of the nose, but it will not succeed, because they have not used their chances early. – Go to the theater piece or a banquet has sometimes suggests that, for a (often erotic) adventure is open that one expects on a date. – Hastily to gobble a meal in the dream indicate good health or cure a disease.
The dreamer should learn how to deal with time. Processed in a dream that he hastle is an indication that he still can not. There is an obvious symbol of the fear of missing something. Can also apply as a tip of the subconscious mind to plan timings and dates generous, because otherwise headed for an exhaustion phase.

Meaning for seeing hurry in your dreams

Strangely enough, in the spirit of working time is a symbol of space. The dreamer is in a hurry, he sees not the best thing in his environment. If the dreaming, but the space available to him good uses, it is also able to properly deal with time.
– be hurry in a dream: restlessness of the mind, you can therefore easily become involved in litigation; Also: risk of fire or accident; avoid by caution; – to train rush: indicates lots of news; – despite the hurry miss the train: you want to achieve something impossible; – in a hurry to eat: bringing health; – to rush to get to the theater or a treat, you will experience an adventure.
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