Dreaming about ibis

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typically, when we dream about ice it is to do with our emotions. in this sense, ice suggests we are colder than we require in terms of warmth and compassion. ice can also be a representation of a person?s rigidity, in that they are not allowing people to get close. additional dream interpretation… in some instance ice can represent a part of who we are that has frozen and in need of thawing out.
Dreaming of an ibis represents your ability to strive for your ambitions in life
To dream of an ibis indicates there may be cause to move house sooner than anticipated a feeling of sacrificing your comfort for a higher purpose may surround an upcoming event but courage gets you through the necessary change with flying colors an ibis in a dream suggests a sense of instability at the thought of having to change address but reminds us that our ultimate acceptance will bring reward and new possibilities may present themselves a flock of ibis implies a tremendous amount of support emotionally, financially and spiritually