Dreaming about iceberg

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if you dream about an iceberg, you will soon encounter hidden opposition or obstacles which are more challenging than you realize however, with determination and care, you can work around them
When you dream of an iceberg it symbolizes a sense of not looking past what you see in front of you an iceberg usually is covered by water and does not look dangerous but you should investigate things before you find yourself in danger
A fairly straightforward symbol hidden opposition and/or obstacles could be more formidable than you realize however, with determination and careful handling you can circumnavigate them
To dream of an iceberg, suggests you will have a deal without success, obstacles and stagnation in the workplace, errors in the business but you will benefit from your kindness and weakness
To dream of an iceberg refers to your underutilization of talents, strengths, and abilities
To dream of hitting an iceberg in your dream means that things have been rocky financially, or you sense that they soon will be it’s a good indication that, though there are obstacles to overcome, you’ll be all right if you look for the warning signs
To see an iceberg in your dream, suggests that you are not utilizing your fullest potential and strengths
Iceberg can be seen as emblematic of the whole personality, from which one sees only a small part of the project beyond the threshold of consciousness. Behind it, the call themselves are to occupy more with the unconscious in order to revive the frozen subsurface psychic contents again.

Meaning for seeing iceberg in your dreams

A symbol of the fear of feelings, increased control and distance needs and deliberately controlled emotional withdrawal.
– to see iceberg in a dream: your strength is tested on every way, you will take a big effort and you will triumph.