Dreaming about icicle

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a dripping icicle seen in a dream portends trouble unless you arrange to save a certain sum each week. to eat an icicle foretells sickness.
Icicles can be fixed for feelings that may falter. Sometimes interpreted to him as a symbol of the waning or suppressed sexual desire (especially for males). Icicles sometimes occur in women dreams, the base is looking for it to be in a cooling of the erotic relations.
– see icicle in a dream: tells us to a frosty reception when we have to make a visit soon; – see on the roofs: a love will deepen; – see gutters: proclaim emergency and lack of comfort, poor health is the result; – see at the fence: prophesy sufferings of body and mind; – icicles on evergreen: mean a bright future that is overshadowed by dubious awards; – falling of trees: unhappiness and anger will soon disappear.
– see: the great love is not in your awakens.

Meaning for seeing icicle in your dreams

– see: the love had gone cold; – refuse: annoying love.