Dreaming about illumination

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you have finally seen the light! dreaming of seeing something illuminated indicates that you have finally understood and discovered something that you had problems with before
Any bright illumination in a dream, by whatever means, is an omen of great good fortune in the area that concerns you most deeply
If you see strange and weird illuminations in your dreams, you will meet with disappointments and failures on every hand illuminated faces, indicate unsettled business, both private and official to see the heavens illuminated, with the moon in all her weirdness, unnatural stars and a red sun, or a golden one, you may look for distress in its worst form death, family troubles, and national upheavals will occur to see children in the lighted heavens, warns you to control your feelings, as irrevocable wrong may be done in a frenzy of feeling arising over seeming neglect by your dear ones to see illuminated human figures or animals in the heavens, denotes failure and trouble; dark clouds overshadow fortune to see them fall to the earth and men shoot them with guns, many troubles and obstacles will go to nought before your energy and determination to rise to see illuminated snakes, or any other creeping thing, enemies will surround you, and use hellish means to overthrow you
To dream of illumination, means you are not happy and should not be rash or to palliate or rely on luck

Meaning for seeing illumination in your dreams

To dream of a bizarre illumination predicts distress, breakdown, and dilemma in the near future to get a glimpse of an illuminated face signifies unfinished dealings that requires your urgent attention
If you dream of seeing strange illuminations in the sky you will experience much distress if you see children in the sky then you will meet with trouble and failure an illuminated face indicates some unfinished business that must be attended to right away or suffer the consequences to see snakes and other creepy crawlers illuminated then you will have many powerful enemies
To see a strange illumination in your dream, foretells experience of distress, failure and trouble to see an illuminated face, signifies unfinished business that must be tended to immediately