Dreaming about incense

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you may be certain of pleasing adventures with persons of the opposite sex if you dream of burning incense or seeing it burned. to smell the odor in a dream foretells travel.
Income dreams connected with income are attempting highlight and/or separate our wants from our needs. if the dreamer perceives they are receiving an increase in income it can imply that he or she is realising the worth of themselves and/or what they have (e.g. family, goods). conversely, to see one self dropping in income can be a metaphor distinguishing fear of the future and having no control.
To dream of burning incense indicates spiritual learning it symbolizes a high level of awareness
Incense could be used for spiritual connectivity, meditation or just a relaxing scent if you dream of burning incense it indicates your strengthened spirituality alternatively it suggests that you are at peace with yourself
The burning or smell of incense in a dream predicts a lightening of your burdens however, if you found the odor unpleasant or the incense was in a church, your worries will likely increase before they decrease
To dream you see the incense, indicates that you are successful, you will find a solution to the trouble or get rid of the dangers to dream that can feel the smell of incense, predicts that you will receive good news and hope
To dream of burning incense represents spiritual learning a dream involving incense symbolizes a step up to greater consciousness
To dream that you are burning incense, indicates spiritual learning it represents a high level of awareness

Meaning for seeing incense in your dreams

Burning incense in a dream can symbolize spiritual longing if you are covering up a bad smell with incense, you may feel that something is wrong in your environment and rather than solve it, you would rather cover it up incense can also be a cryptic way of exploring feeling ‘incensed’ or angry when you are not allowing anger to be expressed
Incense is used as a support to prayer. This material in dream is a symbol of the subtle body or the soul.
– To distribute incense: you are surrounded by sycophants; – To burn it: you have good friends and encouraging future prospects; – To smell incense: finally you will get your rest; – To see incense in the Church: try to believe your good providence; – Also dream about incense in the God^s house: your hope will be strengthened again.
Hindu – To dream incense: warns against flatterers and deceivers.
– There is no interpretation about incense in Islam and islamic culture.