Dreaming about incentive

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to dream that you promote someone, signifies that you will take the opportunity to treat unfairly a relative or friend who does not deserve such treatment to dream that you hear encouragement, predicts that you need to be careful, because someone will want to trap you, or do fraud
Motivation may manifest itself in many ways. Incites people to do something does not actually have to take care that you do not create conditions that run contrary to them and eventually dominate. Maybe it inspires other people to help to develop, bring to a process in motion. About the direction of this development can have on it, but only barely in control.
On the psychological level, the dreamer is inspired by his more aggressive or negative responses. Such a dream at times shows the way in which the dreamer in his life even more difficult and suppress other parts of the personality.
The incentive in a dream symbolizes power and spiritual authority.