Dreaming about indictment

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If you accuse someone, you are indecisive and do not really know how to decide. You have to admit openly to your dilemma. You are accused, you are afraid to have anything to do wrong unknowingly. Stand by your insecurity and talk about it. Of course, this motif also reflect an argument with a friend or work colleague.
The feeling of having done something wrong. Who in the dream itself must appear as a defendant in court is well advised to change his life style to consider how it can improve itself and make its positive environmental relationships. Is charged with another, which may indicate a wrong which we have done or will do to another.
– in dream contact the office: worries will disappear; – indictment is accused of a person: one is accused of spreading a scandal in secret and vulgar kind; – impose themselves: signs of restlessness and dissatisfaction, disputes with people who you are subordinated; your dignity is pushed down from a high platform; – bring to an authority: deluded hopes.
– to dream a result of indictment: was not dissatisfied.