Dreaming about indigestion

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if there is something we are not able to digest in life ? metaphorically ? this can be shown in a dream via indigestion. it suggests we may have a block to our development, growth, or progress and that we may need to look at things from a different angle or break it down into bite sized chunks.
To dream of indigestion, indicates unhealthy and gloomy surroundings
A dream of having indigestion suggests that something is causing you to be uneasy there is an issue thats causing you to be uncomfortable in your life
This dream generally arises from overindulgence and suggests that you may need to slow down if the dream recurs, you may want to see your doctor
To dream of indigestion, indicates unhealthy and gloomy surroundings
To dream of indigestion points to unfavorable ambiance you might be dwelling in an unsanitary and gloomy environment to dream of indigestion may also refer to a choice you made that is not sitting well with you
To dream of indigestion, symbolizes unhealthy and gloomy surroundings maybe you have made a decision or there is a situation that you are involved in that is not sitting well with you
Indigestion in a dream can represent how you are unable to process something that ‘does not agree with you ‘ the message might mean that you are forcing some situation when it really has nothing to do with your real desires
If the dreamer suffers in his dream from an indigestion, this shows that there is something in his life, what particularly does not agree with him. It says that certain food may trigger terrible dreams.
If something in the dream is indigestible, it can be that this symbolizes the realization of dreaming, that his progress on the intellectual level is blocked in any way. Perhaps he must go forward in other ways the solution often lies in smaller steps.

Meaning for seeing indigestion in your dreams

In the dream, at this level indigestion means that spiritual knowledge was not integrated correctly.
– The dream about indigestion: this is a signal of unhealthy somber circumstances of life.