Dreaming about infection

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infections in dreams can imply we have taken on poison in the form of the negative attitudes or opinions of others. note should be taken of where the infection is located in/on the body as this can provide clues as to the type of ?infection?.
To dream that you have an infection represents minor problems and annoyances
Where did you dream of having an infection? dreams of having an infection represent bad things that you keep to yourself but they are harming you
A dream featuring even a small infection is a warning against possible losses through poor advice from friends if you are currently contemplating a speculation or investment of an important size, you may want to consider getting professional advice before you commit yourself
To dream that you have an infection suggests a fixation on ill thoughts and ideas try to recall the infected body part in your dream for additional information
To dream that you have an infection, indicates that someone is trying hurt or sabotages you

Meaning for seeing infection in your dreams

The idea of infection can be both good and bad we can be infected by laughter or become infected with something that makes us sick the idea is that something that is in your environment is having an influence on you through osmosis what type of friends are you surrounding yourself with and is it a healthy type of interaction? the infection had a cause and you are getting a message to explore where it came from only then can you solve the lack of wellness portrayed by this dream see also bacteria and also, healing
Infection indicated in the dream does not usually indicate an infection, but indicates that one is strongly influenced by others, especially negative. After that you should try and do research to escape such influences.