Dreaming about inscription

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an inscription appearing in a dream will likely be in need of decoding and will equate to either something that is understood already, or that needs to be understood. the material on which the inscription is written is also important. for example, an inscription appearing on a rock would suggest old wisdom. an inscription appearing in sand suggests the knowledge maybe fleeting and therefore learnt quickly.
To dream you see an inscription, foretells you will shortly receive unpleasant communications if you are reading them on tombs, you will be distressed by sickness of a grave nature to write one, you will lose a valued friend
Pay attention to what is inscribed and where it is an inscription is your unconscious telling or warning you about something
To dream of your own epitaph on a wall, suggests that you will hesitate before you take any decision dreaming of reading the epitaph on a wall, signifies that you will lose because of your credulity or frivolity

Meaning for seeing inscription in your dreams

To dream of an inscription signifies unconscious thoughts and feelings it would be worthwhile to remember what the inscription is and where it is written
To see an inscription in your dream, foretells of bad and unpleasant news to dream that you are writing an inscription, signifies loss of a valuable friend to dream that you are reading an inscription on a tomb, signifies distress and sickness