Dreaming about instruments

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if you play the musical instrument you dreamed of, your mind is simply practising your skill while you sleep! if you don’t play a musical instrument in real life, a dream of playing one forecasts a sudden and surprising change in your lifestyle a broken musical instrument is a warning to guard your health; to break a string on an instrument while playing predicts a broken love affair a dream of putting new strings on an instrument foretells that good news is coming carrying a musical instrument is a sign of success with the opposite sex
First you need to figure out what type of instrument you are using in order to understand your dream if you dream of a musical instrument it signifies excitement and sexual pleasures you are ready to adventure and live life as if each day is your last what type of musical instrument are you using, is it shaped as a genital that you are attracted to? if you then it represents your sexuality if not then the musical instrument in your dream indicates that you are enjoying life in every way possible
Medical instruments indicate family quarrels; other types of instruments signify family unity
Musical instruments in a dream represent harmony technical instruments are symbols of your work or an emotional state which you associate with those tasks