Dreaming about insult

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whether you dreamed of insulting someone, or being insulted, it signifies that you have the loyalty of your friends
Being insulted in a dream represents your own insecurities about yourself if you insult someone in your dream it suggests that you have repressed feelings of negativity towards that person or someone they represent
This is a classic example of a contrary omen whether you took the insult or dished it out, it signifies loyalty from your friends and/or esteem from your associates
A dream in which you are insulted may be a warning of an upcoming social clash on the other hand, it may simply indicate that more people in your life have begun paying you attention
If the dreamer insulted in his dream then it means that he has a sensitivity that he would not hold in the waking state is appropriate. It is the dreamer who insults another person, he recognizes the fact that he^s not feeling so well in the know, as it should.
To insult someone, points out that the dreamer consciously or unconsciously offends against his own moral code. He stands outside the social norm. Insults and slights in dreams are usually indications of feelings of inferiority, inhibitions, hypersensitivity, or vanity of the dreamer. You can also constitute aggression when they are very massive. The whole dream story, especially the relationship of the persons involved are to each other, further guidance.

Meaning for seeing insult in your dreams

A reference to spiritual action may be relevant here. However, there remains the dreamer left to assess the severity of the insult and to behave accordingly.
– insult in a dream warns of enemies, lack of self confidence; – for business people: great competition; – offend other unknowns advises restraint and calm too: you should consider whether it was too timid in an important matter; – offend even acquaintances: they trust in his everyday attitude to these people is not to say; – be offended and angry about it: you will lose a dear creature; – be offended and get angry about it not: be wary of coming trouble; – be offended by an adult: can bring a separation; – be offended by a child: good sign, but it is a win in the lottery, possibly have in a pending trial, etc.; – a foreign person: misunderstanding in the profession; – when a young woman does the insult that it exploits a jealous minded person their ignorance and puts them in a compromising situation with a stranger or risk their interest in a friend.
Hindu .
– be offended: you favor and friendship is proved.