Dreaming about insurance

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absence of trust security fear of loss blocking own progress
To dream that you are buying insurance refers to a lack of trust you are afraid of losing something that means a lot to you alternatively, a dream about insurance may represent your need for security
Absence of trust security fear of loss blocking own progress
Are you insecure? dreaming of insurance indicates that you need something to prove to you that you are safe in the situation you are presently facing
A peculiar omen in one aspect: if you dreamed of collecting on an insurance policy, you are likely to have to cope with a setback but if your dream involved buying insurance, your plans for the future are likely to be sound
To dream that you are doing insurance plans, means you will be safe and beneficial
To dream that you are buying insurance suggests that you have issues of trust this mirrors fear and paranoia of losing something or someone close to you also, it represents your need to feel secure
Negotiating an insurance policy in a dream brings forward issues related to security if you have an accident and find out your insurance doesn’t cover it, you may feel that you are setting goals that are unrealistic the insurance policy can be understood in terms of what you are investing symbolically to ensure your success generally this type of dream is teaching you to be honest in understanding your capabilities if the dream is resolved by getting insurance money, the message can suggest that you have more reserves (in terms of capabilities/self esteem) than you thought possible insurance related to the home can embody the idea that life is a learning experience that requires continual transformation insurance related to the car revolves around the issue of drive and motivation insurance related to health can have a more literal message about the need to care for your body
– Lack of confidence, security.
– What are the losses that I am afraid of? How do I block my own progress?

Meaning for seeing insurance in your dreams

Insurance is sometimes understood as a businessman. Often it can be seen as a general warning signal, the meaning arises from the individual life circumstances.
If you close out an insurance policy in a dream, you should develop more self-confidence, because it results many more possibilities than you think.
– If you are dreaming that you complete the insurance, it announces a damage or loss.