Dreaming about interrogation

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when you dream that you are being interrogate it suggests that someone in your life is causing you worry because they are making you feel that you need to prove yourself in every way
Interrogation may request for more self-exploration. Specifically, it suggests that you must obtain more information before an important decision or opinion, so that you will not make and commit mistakes.
The dreamer goes hardly with himself to the court and accuracy questioning about his behavior. In addition to this self-analysis may be due to an interrogation, the desire to express the greater involvement for a community: You have something to say and need listeners.
– The dream about interrogation: your inquiries are about to drawn; it is approaching to many difficulties and big disappointments; – To be loaded due to intent:you cannot defend yourself against malicious slanders; – You pass through the questioning in the dream: you will commit a secret sin.

Meaning for seeing interrogation in your dreams

– You are interrogated person in your dream: something will be involved into your duty; – You take on the questioning: you^ll get an advantage.
– In the dream you do the interrogation : you will discover a theft; – You became an interrogated person: you will betray your thoughts.